I am a sound designer/editor and occasionally, recordist. I originate from Brighton, England and have worked on many titles spanning different genres, media types, and platforms. My work on projects has been nominated and awarded for many industry awards for best audio and sound design (including MPSE, BAFTA, GANG, etc.)


I am extremely passionate about the craft of sound design and production, collaborating with other professionals on a multitude of projects is something that I find very rewarding. There’s nothing quite like getting together a team of creative people, conceptualising and working together to make something great.

For more info – linkedin.com/in/samueljustice | | imdb.com/name/nm5719385



Justin Bell – Audio Director (Obsidian Entertainment):


Simply put, Sam’s a top notch sound designer. Talented, creative, and driven – one of the best I know in the industry. On top of that, he’s an all-around awesome guy. It’s been a pleasure to work with him


Ben Minto – Audio Director (EA DICE):


In early 2012, we started the process to find a new sound designer to join us at DICE. We received almost 300 applicants and we were determined to hire the best we could. We hired Samuel Justice – mission accomplished.


David Jegutidse – Sound Designer (EA DICE):


Sam has an outstanding sense for organic and immersive sound design and at the same time manages the technical side of game audio with natural ease. I have learned a great deal from him in many ways and he is always open for helping out or engaging in interesting discussions about our field, which sparked many new ideas for me personally.

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