Heroes Reborn (PS4/iOS)

Provided Phosphor Games with additional sound design (5.1 surround) and implementation for the console title “Heroes Reborn: Gemini” and the mobile title “Heroes Reborn: Enigma”. Sound design involved creating additional weapon audio, physics, ambience and some cinematics. Implementation involved using Unreal Engine 4 coupled with Wwise to implement weapons, ambiences and physics collisions. A large part of our responsibility was making sure the physics audio was implemented robustly as the game is heavily reliant on objects that the player can manipulate.

“These guys are the real deal. Sound design is spot on. Their implementation of all of our physics objects was extremely well done. Turn around time was always very quick as well. Highly recommended for your audio creation and implementation needs!”. – Matthew Grimm (Audio Director – Phosphor Games).

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